Tooth Extraction

Although tooth extraction is generally a painless and smooth procedure, in some cases, general surgery may be required. At Multiclinic, we ensure the comfort and safety of our patients with general surgical tooth extraction procedures performed by our expert physicians in such cases.

Dental health is one of the cornerstones of our overall health. At Multiclinic, we are committed to providing all necessary support for our patients to have healthy smiles. With services such as surgical tooth extraction, private hospital tooth extraction, or general surgical tooth extraction, we will continue to gain the trust of our patients and stand by them. Multiclinic is always at your service for healthy and happy smiles.

Tooth Extraction Prices

Tooth extraction prices may vary depending on various factors. Among these factors are the location and difficulty of the tooth to be extracted, the location of the hospital or clinic, and the technology used. However, at Multiclinic, we aim to meet your tooth extraction needs by offering options suitable for every budget.

At Multiclinic, we follow a transparent policy regarding tooth extraction prices. When determining the tooth extraction fee, the patient’s condition and needs are taken into consideration. For private tooth extraction prices, a plan is made based on the patient’s examination and test results, and appropriate pricing is determined accordingly. Thus, we aim to ensure the financial comfort of our patients.

Tooth extraction prices at Multiclinic are quite competitive and reasonable compared to private hospital tooth extraction prices. However, behind our affordable prices are not only costs but also high-quality service provided by an experienced and expert healthcare team.

Aydın Tooth Extraction Process

Tooth extraction in Aydın is an important treatment method in the field of dentistry. Tooth extraction is generally performed when the tooth decays, becomes damaged, or loses its function due to various reasons. As Multiclinic, tooth extraction services performed by expert dentists in Aydın play a significant role in ensuring patients have a healthy oral and dental structure.

One of the most important issues for those considering Aydın tooth extraction is the prices. Prices can vary depending on various factors; factors such as the location of the tooth to be extracted, the techniques required for the extraction process, and the complexity of the treatment can affect the pricing. At Multiclinic, we aim to provide quality tooth extraction services at affordable prices. You can contact our clinic for detailed information on Aydın tooth extraction prices and to make an appointment.

Efeler Tooth Extraction Process

Tooth extraction in Efeler is an important step in solving dental health problems. This service is provided by expert hands at Multiclinic for individuals in Aydın and surrounding areas. Tooth extraction is generally necessary in emergency situations or due to serious problems with the teeth. Multiclinic provides reliable service in Efeler tooth extraction with its experienced and expert team.

Efeler tooth extraction prices are determined according to the quality of service provided at Multiclinic and customer satisfaction. The focus here is to ensure that patients lose their teeth in a healthy way and to provide

them with an appropriate treatment plan. Multiclinic adopts a transparent policy regarding Efeler tooth extraction prices and offers patients options that are suitable for their budgets.

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    Types of Tooth Extraction

    Types of tooth extraction may vary according to each individual’s needs, and it is important to consult with your dentist for the right treatment plan. At Multiclinic, we are here with our experienced and expert team to offer you the most suitable tooth extraction solutions. To take the right step for a healthy and beautiful smile, you can contact us.

    Tooth extraction is a common procedure in dentistry and may be required for various reasons. Conditions such as decayed teeth, impacted teeth, abnormalities in jaw structure, or gum diseases may require tooth extraction. At Multiclinic, we prioritize your dental health and offer various tooth extraction methods accordingly.

    Extraction of Wisdom Teeth

    Extraction of wisdom teeth is necessary for various conditions that can negatively affect oral health. These conditions include situations where the wisdom tooth exerts pressure on other teeth, causing them to grow crookedly, or leading to pain and infection. At Multiclinic, the cost of wisdom tooth extraction, specifically, may vary depending on the individual’s condition and needs. However, contacting the specialists at Multiclinic for a detailed evaluation of the treatment plan and cost is the most appropriate step.

    Wisdom tooth extraction is typically performed by dentists and carried out at reliable healthcare facilities like Multiclinic. During this procedure, the extraction of the wisdom tooth requires surgical skill, highlighting the importance of having it done by an experienced dentist. The price of wisdom tooth extraction at Multiclinic is determined based on the patient’s treatment plan and requirements. However, the quality and assurance of services offered at Multiclinic instill confidence in patients regarding the cost of wisdom tooth extraction.

    Impacted Tooth Extraction

    At Multiclinic, we provide impacted tooth extraction services with our experienced and expert team. Impacted tooth extraction may vary depending on the patient’s overall health, the tooth’s position, and the complexity of the extraction process. Therefore, it is important to create a customized treatment plan for each patient. At Multiclinic, we tailor individualized treatment plans for our patients’ needs and perform the procedure using the most up-to-date technologies to ensure effectiveness and comfort.

    The prices for impacted tooth extraction may vary depending on the complexity of the treatment and the techniques used. At Multiclinic, our goal is to offer quality services to our patients at affordable prices. To get more detailed information about impacted tooth extraction prices and to schedule an appointment, you can visit our Multiclinic website or call us. You can trust Multiclinic to take the right step for a healthy mouth.

    Root Tooth Extraction

    Root tooth extraction is necessary in many situations where dental health is adversely affected. Conditions such as gum disease, cavities, or trauma may require the extraction of the tooth root. This procedure requires expertise and attention from dental professionals. At Multiclinic, we offer reliable services with our expert team for patients in need of root tooth extraction.

    The prices for root tooth extraction at Multiclinic are determined in accordance with our quality service. By creating a personalized treatment plan for each patient, we provide a solution tailored to their needs. This allows our patients to consider their budgets while thinking about their health.

    Broken Tooth Extraction

    Broken tooth extraction is a procedure that should be performed by a professional dentist. At Multiclinic, we perform broken tooth extraction procedures safely and effectively with our expert team and modern equipment. In our treatment process tailored to each patient, we determine the most appropriate method based on the condition of the broken tooth and the patient’s overall health.

    The prices for broken tooth extraction generally vary depending on several factors. These factors include the condition of the broken tooth, additional treatments required for extraction, techniques used, and services offered at the clinic. At Multiclinic, we adopt a fair and transparent pricing policy for each patient. This ensures that our patients have clear information about their treatment costs.

    Extraction of Decayed Teeth

    The extraction of decayed teeth is a procedure performed when a tooth is decayed and damaged. Our dentists perform this procedure with expertise and experience in the safest manner possible. The procedure for extracting decayed teeth is usually done under local anesthesia and is meticulously planned with consideration for our patients’ comfort.

    The prices for the extraction of decayed teeth may vary depending on the patient’s condition, the location of the tooth to be extracted, and the required treatment. At Multiclinic, we strive to offer our patients the most suitable prices and make healthcare services accessible. To learn more about the prices for the extraction of decayed teeth and to make an appointment, you can contact us.

    Molar Tooth Extraction

    Multiclinic is a reliable healthcare center specialized in dental services such as molar tooth extraction. Equipped with experienced and expert dentists, Multiclinic aims to provide the best treatment to its patients. Surgical procedures like molar tooth extraction are performed by Multiclinic’s professional team with extreme care and using the latest equipment.

    The prices for molar tooth extraction are quite competitive considering the high-quality service provided at Multiclinic. While offering solutions that fit within the budgets of our patients, Multiclinic never compromises on quality and always prioritizes patient satisfaction.

    Extraction of Abscessed Teeth

    Multiclinic is an experienced dental healthcare center specialized in extracting abscessed teeth. Our professional and reliable team utilizes modern technology and treatment methods to maintain the highest level of patient health. The extraction of abscessed teeth helps control infection and eliminates the problem by removing the tooth.

    The prices for extracting abscessed teeth may vary depending on the complexity of the treatment, the patient’s overall health, and the materials used. At Multiclinic, we aim to provide our patients with treatments that suit their budgets. To get detailed information about the prices for extracting abscessed teeth and to make an appointment, you can visit Multiclinic or contact us.

    Extraction of Filled Teeth

    The extraction of filled teeth is a common and delicate procedure in dental practice. This procedure is usually performed when decayed teeth, cracks, or damaged teeth need to be extracted. Extraction of filled teeth may differ slightly from other tooth extractions due to the presence of filling material during the extraction process.

    The prices for the extraction of filled teeth may vary depending on several factors. These factors include the condition of the tooth to be extracted, the patient’s overall dental health, and the treatment method applied. At Multiclinic, we aim to provide clarity regarding the costs of procedures like extraction of filled teeth by offering our customers a transparent pricing policy.

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