Gingivectomy is an important procedure in periodontal surgery and is typically performed to improve gum aesthetics or maintain dental health. As Multiclinic, we work diligently with our expert team specializing in gingivectomy surgery to enhance our patients’ smiles to be more aesthetic and healthy.

Gingivectomy involves the surgical removal of gum tissue. This procedure can be done to correct the gum line, balance tooth size, or treat gum diseases. Gingivectomy surgery is usually performed under local anesthesia and has a rapid recovery process.

Gingivectomy Price

The price of gingivectomy may vary depending on various factors. These factors include the clinic where the treatment will be performed, the experience of the surgeon, the condition of the patient’s gums, and the number of procedures to be performed. At Multiclinic, we aim to provide our patients with the most suitable and quality service. We also follow a transparent policy regarding the price of gingivectomy and provide our patients with a detailed cost plan.

The price of gingivectomy is generally determined based on the scope and necessity of the treatment. This procedure is performed to improve gum health and achieve a more aesthetic appearance of the teeth. Therefore, the price of gingivectomy also includes the benefits to be provided in the long term.

Aydın Gingivectomy Treatment

Aydın gingivectomy is an important step in dental aesthetics and is one of the factors that determine the aesthetic appearance of the smile. As Multiclinic, the Aydın gingivectomy operation, which we offer to perfect our patients’ smiles, aims to reshape the gum line to achieve a more balanced and aesthetic appearance.

Aydın gingivectomy operation is applied in cases where the gum line is irregular, there is excess gum tissue, or there is gum recession. This operation involves the surgical removal of excess gum tissue, thus revealing a greater portion of the teeth. Our experienced physicians at Multiclinic perform the Aydın gingivectomy operation with tailored treatment plans according to the individual needs of the patients.

Efeler Gingivectomy Treatment

Efeler gingivectomy is a commonly performed surgical procedure in dentistry. This procedure is usually performed in patients presenting with gum problems and is generally carried out to correct the gum line or treat gum diseases. Aydın gingivectomy operation, also known as Efeler gingivectomy operation, is performed by experts in reputable healthcare centers like Multiclinic.

The Aydın Efeler gingivectomy operation is performed under the supervision of an experienced and expert team in modern healthcare centers such as Multiclinic. Before this operation, the patient undergoes a detailed

examination, and a comprehensive assessment of gum problems is conducted. Then, an appropriate treatment plan is determined, and the procedure is initiated.

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