Embedded Tooth

Embedded teeth are those that remain under the gum line and do not erupt properly, usually due to narrow jaw structure or crowded teeth. This condition can affect oral health and lead to various problems. Symptoms of embedded teeth may include gum swelling, pain, jaw sensitivity, and even damage to the jawbone.

Embedded teeth can occur for various reasons, including genetic factors, insufficient space for teeth, improper jaw development, and inadequate dental care. One of the reasons why embedded teeth can be a serious problem for many people is that they are often not noticed until symptoms become apparent.

Embedded Tooth Treatment

Embedded tooth treatment is a method applied when teeth are trapped under the jawbone. Embedded teeth may not erupt properly due to insufficient space or being blocked by other teeth. In such cases, embedded tooth surgery may be necessary. At Multiclinic, we aim to provide our patients with the most effective and reliable solutions during the treatment of embedded teeth.

The first step in embedded tooth treatment is a detailed examination by our expert dentists. During this examination, the position of the embedded tooth, its relationship with surrounding tissues, and the condition of the jawbone are evaluated. Then, an appropriate treatment plan is determined. Maintaining embedded teeth may involve various orthodontic treatment methods to achieve the tooth’s natural position. However, in some cases, extraction of the embedded tooth may be necessary. In such cases, Multiclinic experts perform the embedded tooth extraction procedure in the most comfortable and safe manner.

Embedded Tooth Surgery Cost

Embedded tooth surgery is a surgical intervention for the removal of teeth that are trapped under the gum or within the jawbone. Such surgery is usually necessary when teeth fail to erupt under appropriate conditions. The cost of embedded tooth surgery can vary depending on many factors. However, having this procedure done at a reliable and high-quality healthcare institution like Multiclinic can be advantageous in terms of cost.

Multiclinic is one of the leading healthcare institutions that perform surgical procedures such as embedded tooth surgery with its expert staff and modern medical equipment. At Multiclinic, the cost of embedded tooth surgery may vary depending on the patient’s condition, the complexity of the treatment, and the techniques used. However, considering the quality of service and patient satisfaction provided at Multiclinic, the cost of embedded tooth maintenance can be quite competitive.

Embedded Tooth Treatment in Aydın

Embedded tooth in Aydın is a common dental health problem encountered by many people. Embedded teeth are those that are completely or partially buried within the jawbone. This situation usually arises due to insufficient space or the tooth not being properly positioned. Multiclinic, specialized in the treatment of embedded teeth in Aydın, provides effective solutions to this problem.

The treatment of embedded tooth in Aydın is a process meticulously carried out by the expert physicians at Multiclinic. The patient undergoes a detailed examination and evaluation process before the treatment. Then, a decision is made together with the patient regarding surgical or non-surgical treatment options, depending on the need. Multiclinic ensures active participation of patients in the treatment process by providing them with information at every stage.

Embedded Tooth Treatment in Efeler

Embedded teeth in Efeler are teeth that cannot take their normal positions within the mouth and grow between other teeth or within the jawbone due to various reasons. This condition can lead to various discomforts and dental problems. The problems encountered by individuals living in Aydın Efeler region can be resolved with appropriate treatment methods.

Treatment of embedded tooth in Aydın Efeler positively affects the individual’s overall oral health and aesthetic appearance. At specialized healthcare institutions like Multiclinic, this treatment process is carried out by experienced hands. Treatment of embedded tooth in

Efeler improves individuals’ quality of life by helping them achieve healthy and aesthetic smiles.

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